Why CITY People Need to Be PREPPERS… Even More Than Rural People (PODCAST)

Monday, December 04, 2017 by

The very people who need to prepare the most — CITY people — are the least likely to be prepared.

Podcast Transcript: “There are a lot of contradictions in our culture today. One of them that strikes me as really interesting, not a little bit worrisome, is that… Compare city people to country people in terms of their preparedness and you find that those who need to prepare the most – ie city folks – tend to be the least prepared of all. While those who have the least need for actual preparedness – ie country folks – tend to be the most prepared. Now why – just as a little background – why am I saying that city people need to practice more preparedness? The answer is because of course the high density population of cities. In a city, you have really no natural water source in most places or it’s far from your home. Whereas in the country, you typically have a lot of rivers, creeks, ponds and streams – things like that – that you can deal with… A rainwater collection where you can collect water off a barn roof out in the country, but if you’re living in a city mostly its high density housing. So, you don’t even have a roof. There’s someone else living above you, rather than a roof that you could collect water off of in many cases. Also of course all of the things required to keep you alive are imported into cities. So, cities have to import their food, their power, their water…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Why CITY people need to be PREPPERS (even more than rural people) from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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