Dirty Little SECRETS of the Natural Products Industry (Podcast)

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 by

The Health Ranger shares a true story about how his lab caught mercury contamination in a supplier’s product.

Podcast Transcript: “Welcome, to dirty little secrets inside the health products industry. You’re gonna totally freak out when you hear this true story that happened to us at the Health Ranger Store. Okay, this is how we’re saving you from being poisoned. Seriously. There’s a liquid product, a new liquid product, that we had approved the sample, the ingredients and everything. We had gone through the testing and everything was good. We ordered from this supplier that we wanted – I think it was a couple of 55-gallon drums of this liquid. So, we’d already done the testing of the sample and we issued them a purchase order. They shipped us these 55-gallon drums. Now, what we do is every time we get something in we take another sample to the lab and we test it again. We test it for heavy metals and other things and we do microbiology testing. We’re also adding pesticide testing to everything as well. This test on the ICP-MS – which is the elemental mass spec – came up with crazy high mercury. Yeah, mercury – which we don’t often see in a lot of supplements. It’s a heavy metal that is obviously very, very toxic, but it’s hard to get into foods unless something’s totally contaminated. We see a lot of lead, we see cadmium in cacao nibs and things like that. There’s lead in tea and turmeric all kinds of stuff like that, but we don’t see mercury that often. So, my lab tech, who was running the ICP, he asked me ‘is this is an error or something? What’s going on?’ So, I looked at the results…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Dirty little SECRETS of the natural products industry from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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