Government Crop SUBSIDIES Promote DISEASE and Diabetes (Podcast)

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 by

It’s all by design: Government crop subsidies promote DISEASE which generates profits for Big Pharma.

Podcast Transcript: “When people shop for food, they are incentivized by lower prices. Many people are very price sensitive when shopping and that’s why it’s such an issue when the government subsidizes corn. Corn is subsidized to produce ethanol, but also other derivatives – such as corn syrup. Corn is in so many foods that it has become a staple of the diet of Americans. A lot of it is genetically modified, most of it is in fact, and in its corn syrup form, it contributes to diabetes, obesity and even nutritional deficiencies, because it’s just empty calories without the micro nutrients that the body needs. So, with that in mind you may wonder ‘why does the government subsidize corn?’ It causes the junk foods that are promoting diabetes, obesity, ultimately heart disease and cancer, to be more affordable or less expensive versus organic foods or whole foods that offer more nutrition. Now, those of you who are Libertarians might say, ‘Well, the government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing any food at all.’ Philosophically, I tend to agree with you on that. ‘Why should the government vote with your money for what kind of food you’re supposed to be buying?’ It doesn’t make any sense to pay farmers not to grow crops, which is what the government has done for a very long time, or even to pay farmers extra to grow crops, thus subsidizing their production costs. But, if you’re going to subsidize food ‘why not subsidize organic food? Why not subsidize healthy food or Whole Foods’…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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