Vehicle EMISSIONS Controls Often HURT the Environment (Podcast)

Tuesday, March 06, 2018 by

The Health Ranger reveals how some vehicle emissions controls actually HURT the environment and destroy the life of engines.

Podcast Transcript: “I’m gonna share one more way that the environmentalists are actually hurting the environment. As I have learned and stumbled across all this information, it’s been a little shocking to me, because you know I love our planet and I’m a conservationist. I like green living. I’ve got one office that’s run on solar power and we do rainwater collection at one facility and so on, but I’ve learned that the vehicle emissions requirements that are put on to car manufacturers by these environmentalists, and pushed through Congress, and pushed through the federal government, they actually hurt the environment. What happens is there’s such a focus on tailpipe emissions only, like a diesel engine manufacturers, they have to put so much garbage on the engine that it takes away horsepower, it reduces fuel efficiency and it causes the engine to lose its life much sooner then if you don’t have all that crap on the engine in the first place. So, you end up with a vehicle that is let’s say cleaner at the tailpipe where environmentalists love to measure emissions. ‘Oh, it’s got low emissions,’ but it’s the vehicle – the engine – is going to be ruined in one-third the time than it should, and someone’s gonna have to buy a whole new engine, a whole new car or truck – which of course uses all the resources that are essentially bad for the environment…” Listen to the full podcast below:

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Vehicle EMISSIONS controls often HURT the environment from NaturalNews on Vimeo.


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